Recumbent Trikes

Recumbent trikes are the three wheeled version of the standard two wheeled recumbent bike. This kind of bike and trike does not come with a regular bicycle saddle mounted high up on the bike. The seat here is mounted lower and looks more like a chair than a saddle. It also inclines backwards so that you cycle lying back in the ‘recumbent’ position rather than having to sit upright or to hunch over your handlebars with a racing model.


Some people do have balance issues with two wheeled recumbent bikes and opt instead to ride recumbent trikes. These come with three wheels and because of that don’t come with the balance issues that two wheeled bikes often have. It may be, for example, much easier to get going when riding a recumbent trike than it may be riding a recumbent bike.

A lot of riders also find recumbent trikes easier to handle than bikes. It can be hard to turn a bike, for example, but a trike makes the job easier for some. Some riders also find that trikes are better for hill riding than bikes as they can be geared low to make it easier to get the necessary pedal effort in.

There are basically two types of recumbent trikes in terms of design. The first has its two wheels at the front of the trike. The second has the two wheels at the back. A trike with two front wheels is often known as a ‘tadpole’. A bike with two wheels at the back is often known as a ‘delta’.

In recent years a lot of younger people have started to use certain models of recumbent trikes that are specially designed for BMX type of riding. Even with three wheels these trikes can do some tricks! These kinds of trikes are also useful if you find riding a standard bike a bit of a strain. The ergonomic design of a recumbent trike is very different to that of a standard bike.

So, for example, you may be less prone to back pain and twinges with recumbent trikes. The seats here are very different to saddles and your weight is taken by the chair as a whole so you can simply concentrate on pedalling. You also get to enjoy more of the scenery as you pedal along as you won’t have to look down at the road because of the position you sit in here.